Make Informative Purchases!

Want to shop smarter? The Open Label is a new smart phone app that allows users to scan barcodes of products while shopping and instantly receive information and reviews. This user-friendly app informs shoppers about ethical information behind each product, workers’ rights, health, environmental information, and stance on social responsibilities. The shopper can gain the knowledge as to where their money is going, and can “Buy” or “Avoid” products.

Do I Smell…Baked Potatoes?

Launched in the U.K, the ‘McCain Ready Baked Jackets‘ campaign allows people waiting for the bus to ‘heat’ up a potato by the push of a button, which then causes it to activate the scent of a baked potato. Developed by JCDecaux, posterscope, and BMB Creative, this revolutionary campaign not only grabs attention, but also appeals more to the senses, making it very memorable. The smell of baked potatoes will most likely make those bus-riders hungry!

Credit photo: DesignBoom


Taking Music to a New Level

First there was the music video. Then there was MTV. Next, there was ‘pop-up video.’ What next? Musical artists and popular bands have started to use the power of interactive media to take their music videos to the next level. Bands such as OKGO, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and The Arcade Fire have used these experimental techniques to engage listeners into a completely new and fun way to listen to their music.

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Click and drag around the music video for a panoramic music video experience. Also, some hidden ‘hints’ that give insight and tidbits about the video.

The Arcade Fire’s Wilderness Downtown: As this video plays, take a journey back to your hometown. The key part of this video is that it’s personalized by you, as if you are actually in the video itself.

OKGO: Google Chrome experiment that spells out a message in a kaleidoscope

Market Branding: NY OJ

Why am I not surprised to see Tropicana come out with a market branding campaign expanding upon “I Love NY”? Because they’re a brand that gets it. Despite the fiasco that took place a few years ago, they’ve done a great job of brand reparation through an upbeat and engaging “Put the Good in Morning” campaign, and now this. Just the other day, I was jumping on the (S) line here in NYC, and was delighted by Tropicana wrapped subway cars. An eye-catching illustrative theme kept me captivated for the five minutes I was in route, and made me a big believer in the brand once again. Kudos to Tropicana for making my simple subway trip a “good” one. And while I’ll always love Tropicana OJ, I love it even more now that it’s NY OJ