Musical Jelly

With this little chemistry kit, you can make your own soundboard for gelatin molds. After creating jelly shapes, they are placed onto a game board that acts as a capacitive sensor that emits sounds based upon the touch vibrations and salt concentration. This is a great experimental project that can teach how touch and shape can affect sound. It looks like so much fun to play with, too!

How it Works:

From Design Boom

Push Button for Pizza!


Imagine being able to order pizza by the push of a button! Red Tomato Pizza, a Dubai-based restaurant created a refrigerator magnet that lets customers do just that. The VIP Fridge Magnet, as it is called, is programmed with Bluetooth to smartphone which is set up with the customer’s pizza preferences. Red Tomato Pizza created a theatrical-like trailer to introduce and promote this new gadget.


Want to Know a Dirty Little Secret?

For World Water Day, Greenpeace created an interactive guerilla campaign to bring awareness about fashion brands polluting our rivers & water sources. To entice the audience, a billboard covered with non-toxic ink asks the question “Want to know a dirty little secret?” The answer can be uncovered when the billboard is washed down with water. This campaign is in conjunction with Greenpeace’s detox campaign, in which major fashion brands are challenged to ‘detox’ their manufacturing to prevent poisoning waterways.

Watch how the billboards work:


People are Fragile Campaign

A pedestrian awareness campaign was launched in Vancouver to encourage the use of crosswalks and prevention of jaywalking. It is also targeted towards cyclists running stop signs and cars failing to yield to pedestrians. The series of posters feature porcelain figures placed on the road. Another clever idea: a typographic display was used on the sidewalks and road to show what could happen to a pedestrian carelessly walking into traffic. This idea is very simple, but effectively gets pedestrians’ attention.

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