Kraft Mac & Cheese Likeapella

Kraft created a ‘Thank You’ video for all of the Facebook fans who ‘liked’ a post on the brand’s Facebook page. Because of this, it set a record for the brand. The YellowJackets, a singing group, performs this 7-minute song dedicated to the Facebook members; this is a great idea to connect to your audience personally through social media!


Music Box Business Cards

Ritornell, a live improvised music show, created a series of musical business cards! The business cards come with a music box; when the card is run through the box, it plays back a little tune that is inspired by the live show. Even better: the audience is invited to turn their music boxes at a certain point in the show, creating an interesting result. A great idea, and a fantastic experimental musical concert.


Evian: Live Young

A few years ago, Evian launched a roller-baby commercial¬†with the tagline, “Live Young.” Now, they have launched the campaign concept to an even bigger scale. Evian invites people to participate in the ‘longest music video ever’ through a stream of pictures of internet users with the Evian baby on their shirt, creating a stop-action video of a baby dancing. Anyone can do it; all you need is a webcam! Take part in the music video!


Digital Paintbrush

There’s the Wacom tablet, and digital pens and pointers; and now there is the digital paintbrush. The Sensu Art Brush¬†& Stylus is a capacitive brush by Artist Hardware that lets you digitally paint on your personal tablet. It tracks the texture and movement of the brush, so it’s almost like you are really painting, without actual paint. This product started as a Kickstarter project and will be out for purchase in May. Take a look at their promotional video:

NYC Metrocard Redesigned

Metrocards are used by so many New Yorkers, so shouldn’t the card be designed with care? The Metrocard Project, by Melanie Chernock, is an ongoing project in which the New York metrocard is redesigned in a fresh and creative way. How great would it be to see these actually in production? Metrocards would become a collector’s item, and much more enjoyable to purchase. Instead of just tossing out the same old yellow card, New Yorkers could get a new card each month with a different design on each one.

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