History With Oreos

In March 2012, Kraft celebrated Oreo’s 100th birthday with a series of posters that illustrate significant moments within the last century. Clever and fun, it’s interesting to see how history is recreated with just an Oreo cookie and a glass of milk.

1912: Modern Cubism

1912: Snow White on Broadway

1920: Prohibition Act

1928: Invention of the Yo-Yo

1930: Soccer takes world stage

1946: Baby Boom

1952: First 3D Movie

1953: Color TV

1953: Mount Everest Conquered

1954: Rock N’ Roll

1967: Summer of Love

1969: First Step on the Moon

1975: Jaws

1980: Pac-Man

1992: Text Messaging

2000: Millennium Bug

2004: Saturn Exploration



Liquid Paper: ‘If it’s written, you can take it back’

Along with the tagline, “If it’s written, you can take it back,” Liquid Paper launched a clever ad campaign that features a series of classic comic-book illustrated scenarios. Characters in these comic cells seemingly have said something embarrassing or offensive, but have been able to take back what they said with the help of the Liquid Paper product.