Knock Knock Calculator

Created by Khalil Klouche, this fun and entertaining calculator was made for small children to help teach math. The wooden calculator would created a knocking sound and the user knocks back to give the answer. This toy was created for the ‘Touch!’ exhibition at MUDAC in Lausanne in 2012. Watch the video below to see more and how it works!

Knock Knock from Khalil Klouche on Vimeo.


Cap’n Crunch Show

The Cap’n gets an upgrade to his style that is targeted to a more mature audience.  By using social media and a bit of nostalgia, Cap’n Crunch attempts to gain back its consumers from back in the day. Now, Cap’n Crunch has almost 270,000 likes on Facebook and 14,000 followers. You can see his show on YouTube and will include interviews with animated celebrities. Interesting to see how this social media campaign plays out!


Lacoste Celebrates 80 Years

To celebrate 80 years of style, Lacoste created a colorful and fun campaign that features the history and evolution of their iconic polo shirt. This campaign was created by BETC Paris, BETC Luxe, and BETC Digital and was shot by fashion photographer David Sims. Their site features a stop-motion video that shows off the shirt throughout the brand’s history.