Tweet maps

Locals vs Tourists

Languages used

Smart phones used

Eric Fischer and MapBox generated amazing visual maps made of metadata from 280 million New York tweets going back to 2011. The first, maps tweets sent by locals (those in NY for more than one month) and tourists (those in NY for less than one month). Popular tourist tweet locations included the World Trade Center site, the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Ferries and Staten Island Ferry. The next map captured the languages used in tweets. Although English and Spanish topped the list, the remainder included a wide variety of languages. The last map displayed that the majority of tweets were sent using iPhone and Android mobile devices.

What sparked our fire: The visual representation of social media.

What other social media data would you like to see visually represented?


-Canopy Team

How to find your happiest flight

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Routehappy, a travel website, created a new way for consumers to improve their flight experience. The system analyzes attributes such as, seat type, legroom, entertainment, wifi access and food, among other amenities to determine the user’s “happiest flight”.

What sparks our fire: Flying is fun again.

Will this shake up the airline industry?


-Canopy Team

Absolut Brooklyn

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Absolut recently sponsored Open Canvas, an outdoor art festival, where over 20 artists converged on Brooklyn’s 6th Street in Williamsburg. All types of surfaces were painted white, forming a blank canvas for artists to create whatever they pleased. This stunt was in conjunction with “the future is yours to create” campaign, where the goal was to inspire people to envision and achieve their dreams.

What sparked our fire: DIY future.

How are you writing your future?


-Canopy Team


Can wood covered electronics make a comeback?


Until about 30 years ago, most electronic gadgets like TVs and speakers were encased in a wide variety of wood. Today most electronics are encased in plastic or metal. There are two main reasons for this transition. Follow the link Here to find out why and  to learn about the modern benefits of wood encased products.

What sparks our fire: Challenging our perception of material strength.

Do you think wood covered electronics can make a comeback?


-Canopy Team


Functional Advertising

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IBM and Ogilvy France have created a series of functional outdoor ads. The ad space provides a ramp, a bench and an overhang to protect from the elements.

What sparks our fire: Ads that serve you a physical experience.

What examples of multipurpose advertising do you foresee?


-Canopy Team