Central Park’s human art

Performing arts visionary, Aly Rose, designed and choreographed an inspirational display of human movement and dance high above New York’s Central Park. ONE, will be a 3D moving sculpture 150 feet above Central Park. The “moving” sculpture will require the careful coordination of 300 performers, architects, designers, engineers and production crew to get the project off the ground.

What sparks our fire: The combination of technology, design, arts and human spirit.

How have the performing arts inspired you?


-Canopy Team


Swim the East River?!?

Ever dreamed of swimming in New York City’s East River? + Pool (Plus Pool)  is making this a reality very soon. +Pool, designed by FamilyNewYork, will float in the East River, while cleaning and filtering the river water. Not only will this process allow New Yorkers to swim in the iconic river for the first time in over 100 years, it will expedite the daunting process of cleaning up New York’s rivers.

What sparks our fire:  Sustainable solutions that provide access, encourage engagement and clean the environment.

Would you swim in this pool? Why or why not?

Checkout the video and the pictures below:


-Canopy Team

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Pentagram gives NYC Beaches a Post-Sandy makeover

Last summer, Hurricane Sandy hit New York, heavily damaging the city’s coastline. To combat this, Pentagram’s Paula Scher was tasked with getting people back to the beaches without building big structures to guide them. This was no small undertakingFollow the link to reveal her solution. Click here to reveal her solution. What sparks our fire:  The idea that “good design is mostly about being nice to people.”   – Paula Scher What do you admire most about Paula’s technique?


-Canopy Team

Examples of Paula’s work

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Igniting the Senses

Here is a second source of inspiration from our trip to Florence.
The Donatello Workshop sparked our fire because of the direct correlation between the great artist’s wisdom in art, space and music and the craft of what we do as branding strategists and designers.
When art and space come together, a permanent, abstract and visceral energy is released. From music, comes the inspiring third piece… the tone. Together,they excite the senses in an extraordinary way.
Stimulate your senses by clicking through to this video here

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What sparks our fire: Igniting the senses through art, science and music.
How does The Donatello Workshop ignite your senses?
-Canopy Team