A New App and a New Way to Share

shotnote_4collageThe world of marketing is constantly buzzing in all things millennial–our clients want to understand them and we are always looking for new ways to connect with them. In our constant search for new avenues to reach them, we found Shotnote, a unique photo sharing app with a simple and fun location-based sharing and discovery concept. The initial usage insights have been very positive with great user feedback and engagement, especially by high school students.

With Shotnote, users can take a photo, tag it to a specific location and leave it to their friends. Friends will discover the Shot once they end up close enough to that location and are then notified immediately.

While millennials are using the app mainly for funny pictures, Shotnote can also be used for other reasons such as party invitations or local recommendations, e.g. to let friends know when they walk by a great restaurant. Also, friends can organize small scavenger hunts and couples can surprise each other with love notes.

What Sparks our Fire: an app that puts a new, personalized spin on how we share with our digital communities.

Would you and your friends use this app? We want to hear your thoughts on Shotnote!


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