All Eyes On Me


The action cam is the oldest wearable tech that isn’t clothing. The incredible point of view videos shot from the perspective of skiers, surfers, bikers, and skydivers all come from these durable high-def little cams. Looking to add even more to the experience, Sony is upping the ante by multiplying the cameras.

The Sony HDR-AS100V is the tech giant’s next offering from CES. Up to five separate cameras can be networked together through an optional  RM-LVR1 wrist controller, giving the user a dynamic experience with cameras mounted either on different points of the body (ie. head, arms, torso, etc.) or on multiple people. Splash-proof, high definition, slow motion, and the ability to capture multiple angles at once will create an incredibly vivid and immersive experience. When combined with the PlayMemories software, the multiple viewpoints can be merged, creating a seamless video.


The whole package will be available in March, to the tune of about $1,600.

What Sparks Our Fire: We love what we’ve seen from CES, and wearable tech definitely seems to be the thing of the future, even for extreme sports.

Would you want to document your adventures with this kind of camera?

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