At a Glance

Today everyone is making a smartwatch. The tech gods have deemed the smartwatch as the new technology frontier all big companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Samsung are going to tackle. But, what if you don’t want to turn in your expensive traditional watch, but want the benefits of a smartwatch?

Glance, a Kickstarter project, allows you to combine your own watch with smart features. It fits right under the wristband of your watch and can do some amazing things. Watch the video to see all of the features; from being able to call your phone when you’ve misplaced it (oops, it happens to the best of us), to being able to respond to texts with a motion.

What Sparks our Fire: A creative way to add smartphone features to my current watch without investing in a new one.

Is this the solution you were looking for to the smartwatch/dumbwatch debate?

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