Canopy Favorites: Monkey Madness

In honor of one of our favorite TV shows ending this week (#RIPMadMen), each day a member of the Canopy team will give some insight into one of their favorite shows or movies.


This weekend I took my grandson to see Disney’s ‘Monkey Kingdom,’ a nature documentary that follows a mother and her newborn baby monkey as they fight the fight to survive within their own social hierarchy and from attacking monkey forces from the outside. These ever resourceful monkeys come up with all sorts clever ways to fight the fight…they lose their kingdom, retreat to the city to heal their wounds and come back to win and move on to another day.

Sounds familiar doesn’t it? An unintended, but powerful reaffirmation of what we do every day in the agency world. Thanks for reminding me of our madness in your own clever way, monkeys.

Movie: Monkey Kingdom
Team Member: Frank, Chairman

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