Leave Your Brain At The Door

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Every year, the ADC Festival brings hundreds of creatives together from the fields of advertising, design, photography, illustration, digital and motion graphics to celebrate their inner artist. Featuring hands-on workshops, networking lunches, and poolside cocktail parties, the festival provides both aspiring and established industry folks a place to learn about our industry and some of the key movers in it. 

This years festival is bringing together heavy hitters like James Victore, Jessica Walsh, Timothy Goodman… just to name a few.  Sign up and get ready for a great line up, including: “No Brains Allowed”, led by Rich Tu, an award-wining NYC based artist. This workshop “is geared toward unsettling your creative brain and reigniting the initial spark that brought you to where you are through different creative interactions”. James Victore’s workshop is all about getting to know yourself as a designer and tapping into the roots of your creativity, thus unleashing your best work.

What Sparks our Fire: A great program, put together by our friends over at The Art Directors Club.

Is This Packaging Still Effective?


As consumers in a digital age we are constantly marketed to, as result brands continually evolve to differentiate themselves.  In response to the overload of visual stimuli, Mehmet Gözetlik from design group Antrepo gradually took away major components from iconic brand packaging in their latest project, “Minimalist effect in the maximalist market.”

Once the packaging is stripped of its logo and identity is it still effective, or even recognizable as the iconic brand?

The images go in order of variation as follows…
1. Original variation
2. Simple variation
3. More simple variation
4. No logo variation

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What Sparks our Fire:  An interesting exploratory on consumer packaging design.

Which variation do you think is the most effective?

Say Goodbye To Plain Texts


Plain texts may be fine for some people, but us creatives sometimes just want to stylize and edit those grey and blue/green blurbs! The creators of Notegraphy have made our dreams possible! They have designed a free app that can instantly transform your plain texts into beautifully designed images. The app has been described as “the Instagram for text”.

Users can insert their text into a variety of already-made design collections by famous designers. The app also allows users to insert their own logo and tagline into the design for a more personal touch. Once the design is finished, the user can share it with friends via social media, or save it to their phone for later. 

What Sparks our Fire:  An app that makes sharing our thoughts with friends beautiful and easy!

Would you use the Notegraphy app?

How Smart Are Your Headphones?

The dash2Like the majority of our fellow New Yorkers, we’re constantly on-the-go, multi-tasking, and always on our devices. In our constant quest to find technologies and hacks that can help us streamline our lives we’ve found The Dash, the world’s first completely in-ear wireless smartphone.

The Dash is this year’s winner of the CES 2015 Innovation Award, and for good reason! The bluetooth component eliminates the need to carry your phone with you. The microphone picks up mechanical vibration generated by your voice from the ear bone. 

Did we mention these earbuds also serve as activity trackers? It tracks pace, steps, heart rate, oxygen saturation, energy spent, etc. all the while real time acoustic feedback is provided.  On the train, in your car, at the gym or running to your next meeting, these wireless buds keep  you tangle-free, connected and on target to meet your fitness goals.

What Sparks our Fire: a device that synchs music, phone calls, and fitness tracking… wirelessly.

Would you use these earbuds?


Gloves That You Won’t Take Off To Use Your Touchscreen

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 4.55.11 PMNow that the winter season has officially started, don’t let the cold weather slow down your productivity.  This winter, stay connected on all of your favorite devices while keeping your hands nice and toasty with touchscreen gloves from Mujjo. Most gloves designed for this purpose, are restricted to one or two fingers, but Mujjo redefines the touchscreen gloves promise letting you use all 10 fingers, or even the palm of your hand, without having to expose your hands to the blistery elements! They’re available in many colors: black, natural gray, lavender, coral pink and made from the finest Ethiopian lambskin, known for offering the best isolation properties of any kind of leather.  Beyond touch screen functionality, they keep you warm, are durable, with a comfortable fit and they look great. If this sounds like something you’ve always been looking for, the gloves are available from Mujjo’s site.

What Sparks Our Fire: high-tech meets fashion to come up with a useful item

Would you grab yourself a piece? Let us know below.