Dial In Your Creativity

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 2.34.13 PM The benefits of playing with toys and games have long been understood simply by observing children, but new research has begun to point out the benefits for adults as well. Inc. and TechnologyAdvice.com have compiled a few of these benefits, including improved memory and increased motivation. And now San Francisco-based Hero Design has created Everbright, designed to have workplaces capture the benefits of adults playing with toys.

Everbright is a wall-sized mood board composed of 464 dials, and is reminiscent of the popular Light-Brite toy. The dials act as the pegs you’d plug into the Light-Brite, and by turning the dials, participants can pick any color in the rainbow to make pictures, patterns, or any other visual their heart desires. The Everbright board acts as a creative game for the office– Hero Design even points out it’s benefits over a typical ping pong table found in break rooms. One person or an entire team can work together to create the designs.

Office “toys,” such as the Everbright board, emphasize the importance of breaking up the work day with creative activities that inspire outstanding work, especially in creative fields like Marketing. Learn more on Hero Design’s website, and take a look at the video below.

Everbright from Romy Randev on Vimeo.

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