Digitizing Otter Pops

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Remember the days when you opened your freezer to grab an icy, refreshing and tasty Otter Pop?  

If not, then hopefully this email will serve as a reminder. A few months ago, we were delighted to be selected as the agency to bring theOtter Pops brand into the digital world. Being fans and consumers of the brand, needless to say, this was a great treat!

Now, this is not your typical frozen treat. This is a nostalgic brand, that carries some fun history with it. From the retro pin stripes and ‘hang loose’ attitude, to their iconic characters*, Otter Pops has been bringing good vibes across the country since 1970.

(*Iconic Characters include: Strawberry Short Kook, Sir Isaac Lime, Lil’ Orphan Orange, Poncho Punch, Alexander the Grape, and Louie Bloo Raspberry, help spread the flavor and fun to people of all ages.)

And from a digital perspective, we are all about finding immersive ways to get users online and into stores to purchase products. So the trick was to find a way to capture the essence of this brand, and appropriately showcase it online. To do this, we capitalized on its fun, cool, retro tone-of-voice, vibrant colors and beach-themed imagery to tell the story of ‘summer time, leisure time and chill out time’.

From our client’s perspective…
“Canopy demonstrated their ability to download the Otter Pops brand positioning and messaging in a timely manner, then bring it to life on our new branded website. It was comforting as a Brand Manger to work with a team that was passionate about getting all the brand elements integrated and visually depicted correctly on the site.” 

So, thanks to Otter Pops for letting us do what we love to do, and including us on your journey. And thanks to all of you for reading. We hope this email takes you out of your everyday, and encourages you to grab an Otter Pop and chill out a bit.

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