Droning On and On

Concept cars are all about the future, an idea of what could be and what we want to be. Most of the time, car companies reach just a little beyond what is immediately possible, such as improved electronics, supercharged engines, extra cupholders…you get the idea.


This new concept car from European car developer Renault, dubbed the Kwid, has strong, heavy lines, a highly funky color scheme, and a drone in the roof. This car is what every New Jersey-ite needs to get past the mess in the bridge and tunnel these days. The quadrocopter drone is meant to be controlled from the console and will warn the driver of traffic situations ahead. As well, the interior is as futuristic as the robot in the ceiling, with a center console steering wheel which isn’t a full circle. It’s like being in Star Trek.


The Kwid is Renault’s first concept car they are marketing outside of Europe, and judging by the response it’s getting in the blogs, the idea is a hit.

What Sparks Our Fire: An original concept utilizing a current technology in an unexpected way.

Would you want a drone car?

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