Fire Power


We’re always interested when new gadgets integrate modern technology with the most basic elements in innovative ways. The FlameStower Cell Phone Charger does just that. The proposed product is a recharger for your cutting edge modern technology that uses man’s first technological innovation.

The charger has a USB port, a water container, and a flat panel to place over the heating element. This is a thermoelectric process, where the temperature difference between the heated element and water sends electricity from the higher voltage heated component to the lower voltage cooler component. This electricity can charge small devices like phones and tablets via a USB port. The FlameStower team contends that using the device can heighten ones experience with nature, blending modern convenience with the more natural processes of nature.

This multifunctional device can use any open flame, and provides a consistent, moderate charge off of the grid. This is, of course, not the first fire-based portable charger, but many of the others, such as the BioLite, lack the inherent portability and space-saving folding design that comes standard with the FlameStower. For the camper who needs to save space and keep his devices charged, it’s a very portable solution. The Kickstarter Campaign is well on its way to tripling its original goal of $15,000, with plenty of time left. This is obviously a very attractive offering, and based on the response, demand for this product will be very high.

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What Sparks Our Fire: Making the use of technology feasible when off the grid.

Will you take the FlameStower on your next camping trip?


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