Fire SuperVision


I imagine this helmet being placed in on the head via some mechanical contraption that slowly lowers it over you while ominous music plays in the background.

It is not, however, the real-world version of the Darth Vader helmet. This is a proposal for new firefighter helmet that would help first-responders see through the smoke and debris of a burning building. Known as the C-Thru Smoke Diving Helmet, the helmet combines with a visor and respirator that gives the combines the functions of a variety of tools, such as handheld thermal sensors and communication devices, allowing the user to navigate through the fire with his hands free. The helmet transmits data from sensors and video to a collective bank of data that can be sent to all team members and shown in their Heads Up Display or HUD, similar to Air Force helmet.


In addition, the helmet cancels background noise and is just as effective and easy to put on as a normal helmet, and seems to be relatively simpler. It’s a pretty intuitive concept when you think about it, made all the better by envisioning grown men quoting Star Wars at each other .

What Sparks Our Fire: Sometimes, de-sparking literal fires sparks our metaphorical fire.

Could you build a better fire helmet?

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