High Tech Parking


When we think about advances in technology and robotics we normally think about really revolutionary innovations, but in Germany robots are helping with something a little different – parking.

Düsseldorf Airport recently launched a new robotic airport parking system. The system saves customers a lot of time by providing the premium parking service. Customers park their car at the ParkingPlus station which scans the car for size and then you pay and receive a QR code for your car that shares your flight information through the associated app. The robot, Ray, then comes on over and picks up your car to park in one of the spots. The best part of the system is that it tracks your flight and will have your car ready and waiting for you once you land.

A robot moving a car into a parking space may not be as cool as a driverless car, but it is a really cool way to help save time at the airport.

What Sparks our Fire: Advances in robotics that help us save time at the airport?

What do you see as having a greater impact – self-driving cars or robotically parked cars?

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