History With Oreos

In March 2012, Kraft celebrated Oreo’s 100th birthday with a series of posters that illustrate significant moments within the last century. Clever and fun, it’s interesting to see how history is recreated with just an Oreo cookie and a glass of milk.

1912: Modern Cubism

1912: Snow White on Broadway

1920: Prohibition Act

1928: Invention of the Yo-Yo

1930: Soccer takes world stage

1946: Baby Boom

1952: First 3D Movie

1953: Color TV

1953: Mount Everest Conquered

1954: Rock N’ Roll

1967: Summer of Love

1969: First Step on the Moon

1975: Jaws

1980: Pac-Man

1992: Text Messaging

2000: Millennium Bug

2004: Saturn Exploration



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