I See


Well, not literally. But you can’t tell from looking.

We’ve talked several times before about 3D printing, but never quite like this. These 3D printed prosthetic eyes are not only extraordinarily detailed, but also matched as close as possible to the other eye. While we tend to simplify eye color, there are actually hundreds of possible shades of brown, green, blue, etc. These prosthesis examples are about as similar to a real eye someone can get, without having a real eye.

Previously, patients would have to settle for other, less perfect stand-ins, such as glass and acrylics. These other materials were good, but not particularly well matched or fitted. A precision 3D-printed model, created from scans of the patients actual eye, is as close to perfection as we’ve come thus far.


What Sparks Our Fire:  The expansion of new technology into medically useful applications, improving the lives of people who are otherwise disabled.

Could you tell the first picture was of a fake eye?

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