Inspiration, Caffeination

I find I’ve been thinking a lot about ideas and where they come from. I personally do my best writing when I’m in a certain state of mind, and the ideas and concepts flow and almost create themselves. This state of mind for me is usually caused by caffeine.

Many of the successes I’ve had in the field of writing have been a result of the kick in the pants coffee offers, and I took to the internet to research the science behind it. During this search I found the blog I <3 Coffee, and a wonderful infographic on how both coffee and beer affect the creative idea and inspiration process. In order to better harness your creative ability, check it out below.


And, of course, everything in moderation. Except coffee.

What Sparks Our Fire: It could be coffee, beer, naps, or music. Whatever it takes to get those creative juices flowing.

How do you get in a creative mindset?

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