Just Watch This Video

Every now and then, we come across things on the Internet that leave us speechless. We’re looking for new things on YouTube, we come across a Jason Mraz live in Korea video which leads us to…

In just four and a half minutes, 17 year old Sungha Jung turns hard rock classic “Sweet Child o’ Mine” into a beautiful, melodic, acoustic guitar journey. The technique he uses, known as fingerstyle, is notoriously difficult and takes years to master. Sungha Jung is nothing short of a prodigy who, along with his prodigious technical ability, also has an incredible artistic sense, keeping the overall structure of the song while adding his own artistic spin to the creation, achieving an almost perfect balance between Guns n’ Roses and his own musical voice.

What Sparks Our Fire: In a world of overproduced pop songs, there are still virtuosos who can inspire us.

Do you find yourself inspired by extraordinary people like Sungha Jung?

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