Kids, I Met Your Mother On Facebook

The basic premise of Facebook is asking you to share more than you naturally would with others. However, several new prompts may push that over-sharing over the edge of awkward.

Something that bothers me personally is when I get the prompt asking if I want to tag a friend in one of their friends photos. I will never ever click this. This is an incredibly awkward situation waiting to happen. I don’t know their friend and I’m always worried that I’ll accidentally click it and have to have an odd interaction with them.


Now, Facebook is letting you ask your friends about their relationship status. To be clear, you’re asking people who have elected not to share. You click “ask” and you have to send the other user a message about why you want to know. Basically, this is the line between “flirty” and “really really awkward”.


If you receive one of these messages, you can list select a status that only the other person can see, leaving it private from the rest of the world. This adds an extra layer to Facebook, which seems like it can become a sort of dating site.


I just hope I don’t accidentally click it on the profile of the cute girl who makes the espresso at Starbucks.

What Sparks Our Fire: Being aware of what the new clickable buttons do.

Would you ever ask a friend if they were single?

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