(Lack of) Scars

Your phone heals its own damage. Scratches, bending, all do not affect the functionality of the phone. In moments, it reverts to its previous, shiny, unbent, pristine condition. And we DON’T KNOW HOW.

Well, LG knows. But they’re keeping it pretty close to the chest.

The LG G Flex smartphone is touted as self healing, repairing mild to moderate scratches in minutes. The phone has a horizontal concave curved display, which when flattened, returns to its original curve without any visible affect to the functionality of the phone itself.

This is an amazing iteration of new smartphone tech, and may just be a saving grace for the low-tier LG smartphone reputation. The manufacturer has been lagging behind Samsung and Apple for several years now, and might just be able to gain momentum with this new offering. The G Flex is not released yet, but should be ready by 2014.

What Sparks Our Fire: Finally, smartphones are departing from the boring black rectangles that we’ve been seeing for the past few years.

Would this be a phone you’d be interested in?

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