Leave Your Brain At The Door

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Every year, the ADC Festival brings hundreds of creatives together from the fields of advertising, design, photography, illustration, digital and motion graphics to celebrate their inner artist. Featuring hands-on workshops, networking lunches, and poolside cocktail parties, the festival provides both aspiring and established industry folks a place to learn about our industry and some of the key movers in it. 

This years festival is bringing together heavy hitters like James Victore, Jessica Walsh, Timothy Goodman… just to name a few.  Sign up and get ready for a great line up, including: “No Brains Allowed”, led by Rich Tu, an award-wining NYC based artist. This workshop “is geared toward unsettling your creative brain and reigniting the initial spark that brought you to where you are through different creative interactions”. James Victore’s workshop is all about getting to know yourself as a designer and tapping into the roots of your creativity, thus unleashing your best work.

What Sparks our Fire: A great program, put together by our friends over at The Art Directors Club.

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