Lighter Than Air


On October 22nd, Apple unveiled the newest iteration of the iPad, the iPad Air. This  offering has not generated the kind of buzz that the recent iPhone has, but the new Air is a large upgrade over the previous iPad 4. The new device is significantly thinner and lighter than the previous one, without compromising battery power or performance. In fact, the performance of the iPad has been significantly upgraded thanks to the new A7 processing chip and 64-bit architecture, making the iPad Air every bit as powerful as a desktop computer. The bezel dimensions have been reduced, making the Air as thin as the iPad Mini, accomplished via a smaller, more efficient battery. As well, Apple is quick to emphasize the durability and usability of the Air, maintaining that it is a product to be taken and used everywhere.


What Sparks Our Fire: Modern technology that improves upon itself exponentially every six months. Also, Marc wants one.

Will you buy a new iPad Air?

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