Lights, Camera…


This looks like a camera, but just barely. It looks like a smartphone and a very modern camera had a baby, and in truth that’s a pretty good description of what it does. Designed by the same company that built a specialized camera that captures the entire light field (basically allowing you to focus pictures after you take them), the Lytro Illum is the consumer version of that. The broad spectrum of light capture allows you to explore perspectives, focal points, dimensions… basically turning each photo you take into a thousand possible unique variations. The Illum sports a 4″ touchscreen display which allows editing and viewing, and also allows you 8x zoom within the picture and focus by tapping.


And this is just the camera on its own. There are computer desktop tools that will allow a user even more editing power. This camera is a photographers dream.

What Sparks Our Fire: The entire spectrum of light captured in one picture sounds like science fiction, but it’s available this July.

Would you buy this $1,500 camera for the photographer who has everything?

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