Marc-eting 101: Activate Effectively


We asked Canopy’s Managing Director, Marc Sampogna, “What is your #1 marketing tip that is both effective and profitable?” Find out what he had to say below.

The ability to paint the entire picture across every touch-point, activate it seamlessly and make it shareable will ultimately result in success and profitability for your brand. If you’re developing an ad campaign, how do you generate a conversation around it and optimize it across other applications? If you’ve developed a new website, how do you create an engagement strategy that elicits conversation and conversions? The answer, a strong “activation plan”, and it involves multiple items to make it work: SEO, social media, advertising or packaging for that matter. Develop a strategically sound plan that brings them all together, and broadcasts a consistent message. It’s an investment, but it will create loyalty, which results in profitability and results.


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