More Than a Lock: The Must-Have Bike Accessory

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 4.28.22 PM

We’re big fans of Kickstarter, it’s a great platform for sharing new products that provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to garner loyalty and buy-in from potential future customers. Our newest favorite kickstarter project is the  Noke U-Lock.  This takes bike locks to the next level by completely eliminating the need for keys or codes. This bike lock is controlled through your smartphone allowing you to unlock it from your phone, share access to your bike with your friends, and control the alarm.. yes alarm. The app also provides GPS tracking to the lock, preventing you from ever forgetting where you left your bike. If your phone is within a few feet, when you push the button on the Noke U-Lock it senses your phone and instantly unlocks. When the Noke is shaken for more than 3 seconds or the wrong quick code is attempted more than 3 times, an alarm goes off that can be turned off from the app on your phone or the quick code on the lock, so your bike is always protected.

They’ve already met their target, which is great news for all you bikers who haven’t heard about it yet, support on kickstarter and get yours guaranteed before it hits the mass market.

What Sparks our Fire: A, well designed, incredibly useful accessory for bike riders everywhere.

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