My Phone is Judging Me


I really don’t want Apple to know how unhealthy I am, mostly because I don’t want to know. Also, bacon-wrapped filet mignon and I have been friends for far too long to ever stop seeing each other. However, according to recent reports, the iPhone of the future will be able to tell heart rate, blood pressure and glucose levels, all on the new iOS 8, nicknamed Okemo.

iWatch Concept

This news is on the tail of rumors of the iWatch, the wearable tech rumored to support Apple technology in a way akin to other fitness-based wrist pieces like Nike+ Fuelband SE and the Fitbit Force. It is rumored to sync with iPhone app, Healthbook, a new development in fitness bands, which has not yet made the leap to smartphones.

The 5S won’t have the ability to measure most of these vitals, but new software and hardware will roll out in the coming year that will show you just where those extra double quarter-pounders are going.

What Sparks Our Fire: First the mp3 player, then the cell phone. Apple may well be on its way to revolutionizing the health wristband as well.

Would you wear an iWatch?

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