Not Your Traditional Earpiece

Fitbit, Atlas, Pulse O2, and the list goes on. Wearable technology is already playing an important role in our health and fitness. But, Lumafit is a new concept which tracks your body and mind. The device is a super soft ear sensor and has a secure fit to stay on during vigorous exercises. It works with a three-axis accelerometer that measures the intensity of your movements and head motion in real-time and can identify moves like push-ups, and changes with your heart rate to assess your stress level as well as arrhythmia.


Lumafit also provides the ability to sync with MapMyFitness and MyFitnessPal apps. And, when combined with an app called Bootcamp, it will help you create workouts and schedule meditation stations.

What Sparks Our Fire: A device that goes beyond step counting and monitors not only our exercise but also our well-being

Are you willing to give up your wrist-worn fitness band for a ear sensor?

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