Now Splinter-Free!


Maybe it’s just me but I hate it when chopsticks don’t match. And to be clear, I’m not talking about the cheap ones you get in your takeout that you have to snap apart like a Kit-Kat bar and rub together to make sure there are no splinters in your chicken chow mein. I’m talking about the nice ones made of something other than secondhand balsa wood  you pay for and expect to use more than once. Invariably, you get the nice pair and one always disappears, and you’re left with the infuriating single.


For the OCD among us, here are two chopstick designs from Japanese design firm Nendo that will make sure you never lose the second one. The first is a wood-carved double helix design that allows the two pieces to twist and snap together to form a singular, nigh-seamless whole. The second, magnetic.


Japanese designer Oki Sato created these in conjunction with chopsticks manufacturer Hashikura Matsukan, with the objective of improving the normal chopstick design while respecting the simple aesthetic of the traditional eating implement.

What Sparks Our Fire: Improving the design of a common utensil while maintaining the traditional concept.

What other common utensils would you like to see redesigned?

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