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Entrepreneur Joe Ariel has cooked up an ingenious idea; deliver delicious “local” food, nationwide. Just seven short months ago, Ariel became Co-founder and CEO of startup, Goldbely, an online marketplace for food purveyors to discover the most authentic cuisines in America, WITHOUT traveling. Want a delicious pastrami sandwich from Katz’s deli in New York City? Well, now you can have it. Can’t make it to Chicago for a deep-dish pizza? Not a problem. Craving authentic Texas BBQ? You got it! Maryland crab cakes? Philadelphia cheesesteaks? Done and done. How is this possible? Thanks to advancements in transportation and refrigeration, Goldbely is able to ship products while maintaining the highest level of freshness. Next steps, order and enjoy!

What sparks our fire: Goldbely’s ability to “crowd-source deliciousness.” (Joe Ariel)

How does this concept enhance the definition of “local fare”?


-Canopy Team

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