Smart Headphones


Just when you thought everything in your life was smart – Smartphone, Smart Car, Smart thermostat, Smart fridge, Smart mirror (patent pending) – your headphones are now getting more intelligent.

Not only does the Dash blast music in your ears, it also checks your heart rate, oxygen saturation, and energy spent, making it a great gym headset, especially since it’s cordless. It also has a built in ear-bone microphone, 4 gigabytes of storage, and the ability to play music without an attached smartphone. As well, through exhaustive research, the developers have defined three sizes of earphone, which will fit snugly with three points of contact in any ear. The obvious passive noise cancellation inherent in earphones can be attenuated via a “transparent sound” feature, activated by a swipe on the surface of the earphone.


With a Kickstarter campaign that’s already doubled its asking price, it’s no surprise the people want their headphones to be as smart as their phones.

What Sparks Our Fire: The Internet of Things claims its newest convert.

Would you want the Dash?

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