Storytelling 2.0

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For decades, Disney, has been a leader in inspiration. Disney’s latest mission is to bring story books to life through a device called HideOut, a smartphone-sized, handheld projector that produces 3D moving images on the pages of a story book. There is no app to launch or required view finder, just attach the mini projector to your smart phone. Your child can move the projector around the page as you read and watch the animated story unfold. HideOut functions by having a camera track that processes hidden IR-printed codes in the pages of the book, which then triggers pre-programmed animations. Although it’s not available yet, HideOut is a model for a future in which smartphones have onboard micro-projectors as standard equipment.

What sparks our fire: A deeper level of control, engagement and freedom in storytelling.

How will this contribute to how the next generation forms, delivers and shares stories?


-Canopy Team

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