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As kids, we all loved playing with Play-Doh. We could let our imaginations run wild to build, mold, cut, flatten and create anything, yes anything. Well, thanks to the people at inventables, a technology company based in Chicago, you can now make those childhood dreams a reality. Inventables has developed the perfect technology, Carvey, a successfully funded Kickstarter project expected to be in full production by Fall 2015.

 Carvey is quiet, clean, easy to use and can carve your project in 3 simple steps.

  1. Make your design with the integrated softwaresoft
  2. Choose your material (wood, plastic, foam, wax, cork soft metal, etc,)
  3. Click “Carve” and let the machine do the work until it achieves your desired form

Here is a list of items you can easily make with Carvey: jewelry, wooden sunglasses, street signs, can openers, etc. Fell free to watch the video of Carvey in action here.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 5.16.11 PM

What Sparks Our Fire: A 3D machine that is easy to use and can help us turn ideas into real objects in under 5 mins.

What would you make with Carvey?

Turn your iPhone into a 3D camera

blog pix 18

The iPhone is quickly becoming the camera of choice to document people’s lives. This trend, which was demonstrated in a recent Apple commercial, has spawned a number of gadgets that bring the smartphone’s features to the next level. Meet Poppy, a $49 device that will turn your iPhone into a 3D camera. The design is very simple, no buttons and no batteries, just an iPhone. Designer Ethan Lowery and Joe Heitzeberg’s goal is to allow consumers to capture their own lives (family, sports, etc) in 3D. The project has been on KickStarter since late June and already has three times its pledged goal. Shipping should begin in early 2014, but given the online popularity, it could happen later this year.

What sparked our fire: The transition from one dimension to another… and back again.

When will the mobile photography bubble burst?


– Canopy Team