Knowing When To Fly


While there are a number of things you can do to find the cheapest airfare, timing is everything when it comes to getting the best deals.

Hitlist is a mobile app that knows when it’s least expensive for you to book a flight to your pre-picked destinations, saving you the trouble of regularly checking travel websites. So, if you have a bucket travel list, but also a budget, Hitlist will keep tabs on travel search engines, notifying you when it’s the best time to fly to any of your selected locations. For example, you can create an alert that notifies you if/when flights to Buenos Aires are listed at $650 or less.

Among other customizable features, you can pick the best airport for your travel needs, make your Hitlist public or private, and specify if you’d like to travel only on weekends (or whenever). And there’s also a cool world map to show you all the places you plan to go to or have visited already.

What Sparks Our Fire: A mobile app that finds you the best deals on flights and helps you travel the world more affordably

What places around the globe would you save through Hitlist?

Branding, now arriving on baggage claim 3

japan-airportjapan-airport2The baggage claim at the airport is the last place anyone would expect branded works of art. This is exactly why tourism agencies in Japan have focused their latest efforts there. If you have traveled to the country recently, you might have noticed a number of themed pieces of art adorning the baggage claim carousels. This was no accident. Each piece of art was meant to promote the uniqueness of various regions within the country, focusing on culture and cuisine. This guerrilla advertising, assisted in branding each geographic region by transforming specific characteristics into visual symbols. For example, sea food pointed out the clean ocean waters near the Toyama Kitokito Airport, and the fruit represented Miyazaki’s diversity of distinct fruit.

What sparked our fire: Mundane locations used to brand and display unconventional works of art.

How would you tap into marketing potential at more unique markets like the airport?


-Canopy Team