In the Beginning…

It’s extraordinarily difficult to conceptualize what scientists refer to as “The Big Bang”. The theory that from infinite nothingness, a singular explosion containing all matter in the universe erupted, is not easy for a layman to comprehend.

The video above, titled Beginning, is the product of animator Grzegorz Nowiński and Novina Studio, it shows in grand stylized detail, the bullet points of the existence of the universe, Earth, and Life itself. Portrayed in stark black and white on a canvas of running water, the video leaves one with not only a concept of how science theorizes how we came to be, but how magnificent things like the impact of meteors or the formation of a planet may have looked or felt.

It’s one thing to read these things in a textbook, but it’s quite another to be shown them on a curtain of water within the span of several minutes. Such an elegant portrayal is truly a thing of beauty.

What Sparks Our Fire:  The visualization of things that normally couldn’t be visualized.

Does this video help attenuate your understanding of the Big Bang?