Starry Nights


If, in your cultured city life, you ever missed the simplicity and natural beauty of sleeping beneath the rural stars, here’s an expensive high-end technology that allows you to replicate the feeling without the actual outdoors.

The Cosmos Bed not only recreates the night sky, it also replicates sounds and even smells of the great outdoors. It’s the brainchild of Russian designer¬†Natalia Rumyantseva, who created it in Saint Petersburg from white fiberglass. The bed is shaped kind of like an irregular oval or an egg, and is adjustable for angle. The rounded canopy covers about half the bed and kind of reminds me of when I was seven and had those little glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling above my bunk bed. The smells of the great outdoors are replicated via a therapeutic aroma dispenser. No word on whether or not it replicates the actual smells of the outdoors, like cow poop, stagnate water, and wet dog.


What Sparks Our Fire: Many of us rely on technology like white noise and sleep aids to help us get some rest, but maybe this bed is the sign of things to come.

Would you want one of these Cosmos Beds?