The Reverse Commute

equs-cargo-motorcycle-winner-of-the-red-dot-design-award-2014We all know the advantages of motorcycles over cars. There are easy to park, take up less space in the garage, require less gas, and tend to be much cheaper. One major downfall is the number of passengers or belongings a bike can carry each ride. Since we are in the age of high-tech design innovation, it is no surprise someone had the excellent idea of how to tackle one of the issues…

Meet EQUS, an electric cargo motorcycle created by three designers that allows you to bring along a variety of goods on your commute, while running errands or just out for a spin. The bike’s structure was built in reverse with a remote steering designed around a convenient cargo area between the rider’s seat and the front fork. The cargo section can carry objects of different shapes, volume and weight. And you know what’s even better? It’s environment-friendly.

The team wanted to develop a vehicle that would contribute to better mobility in large cities while allowing riders to bring everything of importance with them. Get all details about the unique EQUS design, colors available for purchase and different features here.

What Sparks Our Fire:
  A bike that maximizes convenience and functionality while reducing your carbon footprint.

What do you think of EQUS and if you could add an additional function, what would it be?



In the world of biking, safety is always important, but not always practical. Most serious injuries sustained by bikers stem from not wearing a helmet. But who actually wants to wear a bulky half-bowling ball on their heads? No matter how you style it, bike helmets are annoying and cumbersome, and take a lot of the freedom out of biking. However, in Sweden, two women have developed an unorthodox solution: an invisible helmet.


The Hövding helmet  is a unique concept, as their video below shows.

We won’t give the secret away, the video is too good at building tension for that. But you’ll realize how clever the title of this post is after you watch it. Seriously.

What Sparks Our Fire: Creativity and outside-the-box thinking are things we love at Canopy Brand Group.

Would you buy one of these invisible helmets?