Brain power

brain 4The human brain is a mysterious place where powerful connections, signals and chemical reactions are intertwined. A recent Kickstarter project called Emotiv Insight, is beginning to explain what goes on in our brains. Emotiv Insight is a small headset that reads your brainwaves and translates the data into something meaningful and easy to understand.

To understand how it works requires a bit of thinking. Our brain is made up of billions of nerve cells called neurons, and when these neurons interact through a chemical reaction, they emit an electrical impulse. Emotiv observes and translates these impulses into simplified data. The headset and its data can help you improve your attention, focus, engagement, interest, excitement, affinity, relaxation as well as reduce stress levels.

The headset can also understand basic mental commands like push, pull, levitate and rotate. The device can even detect facial expressions such as blinks, winks, frowns, surprises, clenching and smiles.

What sparks our fire: The future is in our brains.



-Canopy Team

Genetics takes us back to the future

genes are awesome1          Father/Son, 56 yrs and 29 yrs

genes are awesome2              Cousins, 29 yrs and 29 yrs

genes are awesome3Daughter/Father, 13 yrs and 55 years

Genetics have always been viewed and studied in a scientific setting, until now. Ulric Collette, 34 year-old photographer from Quebec City, coined a photography style called Genetics Portraits. Utilizing his ownable method, Collette takes portraits of two family members and mashes them together. The result? A mesmerizing yet eerie display of genetics hard at work. When pairing a child with their parent, it seems as though you are transported back into time. Equally as interesting are the differences, which highlight the jumps in genetic code from one generation to another.

What sparks our fire: Photos that make people stop, think, and question.

Where else has photography been used to change how we view the world?


-Canopy Team