Wait, wait, don’t tell me!

day dreaming1We have all been there. It’s late in the day you’re feeling tired, so your mind begins to wander. New research suggests that daydreaming is totally normal and is actually encouraged to exercise a healthy mind. According to research psychologist Peter Killeen, “Your neurons can fire for a while with the energy they have inside, but not for long: After a dozen seconds, each neuron needs more energy.” If your brain does not have enough energy, your neurons will fire more slowly and your chances of focusing on one thing quickly decrease.

How do we deal with the wandering? One way is to recognize that you have a finite attention window and to structure your workflow to match that same capacity. In other words, to be the most productive and creative it’s best to work in a series of bursts and unplug throughout the workday. By switching tasks we can delay mental fatigue. It’s a way of being creative,” says Killeen. “It’s a way of giving the linear programming, engineering, hard core work in the brain a break.”

What sparked our fire: Creative problem solving completed by creating unique contexts around each problem.

Is this solution enough to combat the addiction to multi-tasking that we already see in millennials?


-Canopy Team

Igniting the Senses

Here is a second source of inspiration from our trip to Florence.
The Donatello Workshop sparked our fire because of the direct correlation between the great artist’s wisdom in art, space and music and the craft of what we do as branding strategists and designers.
When art and space come together, a permanent, abstract and visceral energy is released. From music, comes the inspiring third piece… the tone. Together,they excite the senses in an extraordinary way.
Stimulate your senses by clicking through to this video here

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What sparks our fire: Igniting the senses through art, science and music.
How does The Donatello Workshop ignite your senses?
-Canopy Team