An Even Better Coffee Cup


You already know about our loving relationship with coffee. You also know we love innovation that makes our coffee drinking experience better and more convenient. So don’t act surprised that we’re posting about yet another Kickstarter doing just that – improving our morning ritual of consuming caffeine.

Smash Cup is the essential coffee cup for traveling coffee connoisseurs. Nobody enjoys lugging around a big mug with them, enter Smash Cup. Once you’re finished drinking your morning cup of joe, smash the cup and watch it collapse into a pocket sized disk easy to carry around. The Kickstarter has already surpassed it’s goal of $10,000 and ships this fall.

What Sparks our Fire: Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.

How else could our experience with coffee be improved?

A Cup of Coffee or a Trip to Paris?


It seems like a pretty easy decision. But when you break it down, it’s actually a bit more challenging. Who wouldn’t pick a trip to Paris in a heartbeat? When you look at what you would have to pass up for that, it makes the decision a little more difficult.

The above infographic from ValuePenguin demonstrates how much money can be saved by brewing coffee at home instead of purchasing a cup everyday on the way to work. It is pretty amazing when you look at the numbers laid out to see how much more a cup of coffee from Starbucks can be compared to using a Keurig or a drip coffee machine. But, as I look at my large iced coffee I picked before coming into the office, I still doubt I will be able to completely drop this luxury from my life. Even if that means 20 years from now that money could go towards tickets to the Super Bowl.

What Sparks our Fire: A look at how much we are truly spending on our coffee addiction.

Will you switch to brewing your coffee at home?

Brew on the Go

You already know we love coffee. You also know we love smart innovations that make our lives easier, and more caffeinated. Hey Joe Coffee is here with the newest product to make our coffee addiction even more convenient.

Hey Joe Coffee has created a brand new mug that brews coffee on the go. You no longer need to stop by your favorite coffee shop after leaving your house in the morning. Instead, you can now easily brew it from a portable 14oz mug. Has your coffee cooled off from sitting on your desk? Hey Joe will also heat it up for you just as easily.

The ability to brew a fresh cup on the commute in, now that’s what we call killing two birds with one stone.

The Kickstarter campaign is currently receiving funding and they hope to start shipping this fall.

What Sparks Our Fire: Companies continually being able to find ways to fuel our coffee addiction that much more conveniently.

How often would you brew on the go?

Inspiration, Caffeination

I find I’ve been thinking a lot about ideas and where they come from. I personally do my best writing when I’m in a certain state of mind, and the ideas and concepts flow and almost create themselves. This state of mind for me is usually caused by caffeine.

Many of the successes I’ve had in the field of writing have been a result of the kick in the pants coffee offers, and I took to the internet to research the science behind it. During this search I found the blog I <3 Coffee, and a wonderful infographic on how both coffee and beer affect the creative idea and inspiration process. In order to better harness your creative ability, check it out below.


And, of course, everything in moderation. Except coffee.

What Sparks Our Fire: It could be coffee, beer, naps, or music. Whatever it takes to get those creative juices flowing.

How do you get in a creative mindset?

Blowing My Lid

I drink at least 2 Starbucks Venti coffees a day. I know, I have a problem. However, perhaps I’d drink less if half the drink didn’t spill all over my hands on the the walk from the counter to my car. I’ve come up with lots of creative ways to stop this from happening, the most effective method being a straw you fold once and push into the lid opening (you’re welcome), but the inherent problem is the lid itself. It seems to be made specifically to spill.


A company called Vaporpath has taken it upon themselves to design a lid meant to prevent spilling, if such an odd concept is possible. Their lid is on the left in the GIF above.


The design is reminiscent of a stealth fighter jet, with a wider vertical opening and deep indentation, and is designed to catch spilled coffee. As well, the opening is not directly on the lid, which makes it more like drinking from a regular cup. As a bonus the plastic is odorless and recyclable, and hopefully will replace the old lids before I ruin another white shirt.

What Sparks Our Fire:  Solving one of the great modern-day inconveniences.

How would you improve the standard coffee lid?