Real Life Lego Houses, How Fab!

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Architects Gluck+, a NYC-based architecture firm, is using a unique style of construction to build Broadway Stack, a new residential apartment complex at 4857 Broadway in Manhattan, New York. GLUCK+ won a Bloomberg-sponsored competition that challenged architects to design micro-units using prefabrication to solve the city’s housing shortage. Dating back to the early 1920s, prefab construction has not gained traction until recently. This technique forces architects to make design decisions ahead of time; pieces are factory-made, shipped to the construction site and built much like a Lego house. This method is gaining popularity across metropolitan areas because it is more efficient and cuts down on on-site operations. From beginning to end, the entire process takes ten months, a full six months less than traditional methods. Broadway Stack residents will be able to move into these moderately priced apartments by October of this year.

What sparked our fire: The endless ways to construct a building, cleaner, quicker, and smarter.

What innovative designs are ahead of their time today?


-Canopy Team


Mushroom stuffed houses

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In Green Island NY, a company called Ecovative Design, has developed building materials derived from mushrooms. The company makes mycelium-based bioplastics and hopes to one day replace the world’s plastics with natural organisms such as fungi. There are a number of advantages to using the mushrooms over the conventional insulation. These  advantages include resistance to fire and settling, air-tight seal formation and no toxins.

What sparks our fire: A green and edible alternative to inefficient and toxic building material.

Will this trend catch on?


-Canopy Team