One Step At A Time


Sometimes the best inventions are those that don’t actually invent anything new, but instead improve upon existing problems. A wheelchair may not be as sexy or portable as a smartphone, but its reinvention could have a major impact for people with disabilities that find normal wheelchairs cumbersome or inhibiting.

Meet Scalevo, the wheelchair designed by a team of nine university students at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology that can walk up and down stairs. The electric wheelchair operates normally when navigating flat ground with “Segway-like” technology, balancing on two wheels. However, with the push of a button, the chair will align itself with a set of stairs and use two rubber tracks on the bottom to propel itself, while adjusting the angle of the chair in order to stay balanced.

The fully-working prototype was developed over the course of a year, with plans to make a commercial version available. The team also states on its website that its design will compete in the Cybathlon Championship, a racing competition for individuals with disabilities, assisted by robotic technologies.

Watch the video demonstrating its amazing capabilities here.

What Sparks Our Fire: Students solving old problems using cutting-edge technology and brilliant design

Full speed ahead

HyperloopPlanelon-musk-1Elon Musk is no stranger to innovation, he started Tesla Motors, a luxury electric car brand and Spacex, a rocket and space tech manufacturer. Mr. Musk’s latest “side project” is called Hyperloop, a solar powered aluminum pod transportation system that is said to travel up to 800 MPH. The ultimate goal is to transport passengers from San Francisco to LA in just under an hour and a half. Compared to alternatives such as air travel, Musk says the system ideally should be:

  • Safer
  • Faster
  • Lower cost
  • More convenient
  • Immune to weather
  • Sustainably self-powering
  • Resistant to Earthquakes
What sparked our fire: Radical, ultra high speed transportation.


Where is the first place you’d like to see high speed transportation in the US?



-Canopy Team