Dining In On A Different Level


Do you love connecting over delicious food and sometimes wish you could bring the intimacy of a restaurant to your own home? Dream no more because now, having a private chef cook dinner at your house could be as easy as a swiping your smartphone.

Kitchensurfing has managed to create a online community that redefines the idea of eating, by bringing you a spontaneous culinary experience into your space. The service allows anyone to find and book outstanding local chefs (professional or amateur) to cook for you, in your home, at prices that are competitive with restaurants. The booking includes your meal, gratuity and kitchen clean-up.

So, if you find yourself with a house full of guests, without a desire to cook or clean, and are willing to spend, try Kitchensurfing. Or, be creative and use Kitchensurfing for an epic night of exotic food degustation for a bachelorette party night.

Currently Kitchensurfing is only available in New York, Boston, Chicago, Washington DC and Berlin but is in the process of expanding to more cities. If you are not living in those areas, be patient. Meanwhile, you can Kitchensurf on Instagram or Facebook and take note of yummy food pictures.

What Sparks Our Fire: An innovative and easy way to bring a restaurant atmosphere to your home.

On what occasion would you use Kitchensurfing?

The Keurig of Tortillas

Our busy day-to-day oftentimes demands quick food and beverage solutions that offer convenience without sacrificing quality, as demonstrated by pod-based products. Currently, this space is primarily comprised of coffee and tea, however a number of companies are working on new ways to bring the fast, single-serve model to other food items.

Introducing Flatev, a Keurig-like machine that bakes dough pods into warm, fresh tortillas in less than a minute. Like a Keurig, it enables anyone hosting a group to use a “carousel” feature to make several tortillas at one time. And the Flatev is both compact and fast, making it great for food trucks, too. Made with just stoneground corn flour and water, the dough is loaded with fibers, minerals and vitamins as well as non-GMO and gluten-free, appealing to pretty much everyone.

What Sparks Our Fire: A new, quick and easy way to make food on the go

What tortilla-based dishes would you use a Flatev for?

Food Imitates Life

Usually when your meal is moving, it’s not cooked all the way. However, in designer Minsu Kim’s new project, Living Food, the movement is the meal. She uses a method of synthetic biology to create edible dishes that have the qualities of living things: expanding and contracting as if breathing, wriggling on the plate, or gently waving tentacles.

Since this is artificial life, it’s not a breathing animal you’re eating, but you can eat it, and it’s quite fascinating to watch your meal move.

What sparked our fire: Visualizing food in unique ways, both as edible and as art.

Will this revolutionize the way we see food? Or change the way chefs plate their dishes?

Flags of the world

world flags1world flags2Are you hungry? You should be after looking at the creative collection of food designed by Australian advertising agency WHYBIN/TBWA. These flags of the world were created to promote the Sydney International Food Festival, which is Australia’s largest food festival.

The ad team re-created the national flags using food native to the respective countries. Basil, pasta and tomatoes made up the stripes on the Italian flag, while hotdogs and buns make us the U.S. flag. What’s impressive is the team’s creative improvisation of the stars and symbols on the complex flags.

What sparked our fire: Culinary effect on culture and national identity.Which one looks most delicious?


-Canopy Team

Order up!

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Entrepreneur Joe Ariel has cooked up an ingenious idea; deliver delicious “local” food, nationwide. Just seven short months ago, Ariel became Co-founder and CEO of startup, Goldbely, an online marketplace for food purveyors to discover the most authentic cuisines in America, WITHOUT traveling. Want a delicious pastrami sandwich from Katz’s deli in New York City? Well, now you can have it. Can’t make it to Chicago for a deep-dish pizza? Not a problem. Craving authentic Texas BBQ? You got it! Maryland crab cakes? Philadelphia cheesesteaks? Done and done. How is this possible? Thanks to advancements in transportation and refrigeration, Goldbely is able to ship products while maintaining the highest level of freshness. Next steps, order and enjoy!

What sparks our fire: Goldbely’s ability to “crowd-source deliciousness.” (Joe Ariel)

How does this concept enhance the definition of “local fare”?


-Canopy Team