The Power in the Atmosphere

Researchers at the Pratt School of Engineering have developed a device that can convert microwave signals into electricity. The device can be tuned to harvest energy from multiple sources such as Wi-Fi routers, cell towers, all the way to satellites passing overhead. An explanation of the process states that “A maximum of 36.8% of the incident power from a 900 MHz signal is experimentally rectified by an array of metamaterial unit cells.” Basically, an impressive amount of energy can be pulled from the air to create a charge comparable to that of a solar panel, without relying on sunny days.


The implications of this technology are incredible, from cell phones that charge themselves to satellites powering remote weather sensors. All this requires a slimming-down of the process, but the simple fact that power can now be pulled from this air is staggering.

What Sparks Our Fire: Free energy and non-invasive technology will make cell phone charging much easier.

Do you think this is a technology will speed our independence from fossil fuels?