Add An Extra Button To Your Android Phone


It is undeniable that touch screens are popular in today’s world but, something people tend to forget is the importance of physical buttons which can sometimes make your life easier. For instance, a single click on a button could automatically launch and turn on your flashlight app without having to even unlock your phone.

Meet Pressy, a tiny button that sits in your headphone jack and allows quick access to frequently-used functions and built only for Android devices (sorry iOS users). When using headphones, a user can plug Pressy into the included keychain and if the headphone features a volume control button, the app allows that button to get access to all the Pressy features. How cool!


Pressy also allows users to set up multiple functions with different combinations of presses and works along with an app. The Pressy app allows users to choose from a variety of different functions such as turning on the flashlight, instantly taking pictures, calling a number in your contacts, and so on. For instance, two short presses could tell it to call “Mom” and two long presses could cause it to play your favorite music.

Another major part of this project is the API which allows third party developers to build their own functions and features. And if you have multiple devises, you can use Pressy for all devises.  The project was Kickstarter funded and received more than 17 times its initial pledge of $40,000. You can now, order the device on Pressy’s official website.

What Sparks Our Fire: An innovative little button that brings back simplicity to Android phones for quick access to frequently-used functions.

Are you ready to make better use of your headphone jack?

The New Way To Shop At Home


If you live in Seattle, San Francisco or Southern California — where AmazonFresh services are available — then you might be interested in Amazon Dash, a device that is set to revolutionize the way you shop for groceries.

Dash is a small hi-tech wand that works with your AmazonFresh account to make shopping more convenient. It is like letting a remote control do your grocery shopping for you. The six-inch gadget features a microphone and a bar-code scanner so that you can say the item name or scan it into the device, and then view the list on your desktop or mobile to purchase and schedule delivery. Dash works with a simple setup and helps users choose from over 500,000 products from fresh grocery and local products to electronics. Get more info on the gadget including how to get hold of it here.


What Sparks Our Fire: A relatively small electronic device that makes another move in improving our shopping experience.

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The Future Of Printing Is Rolling Across A Piece Of Paper


While the hype is around 3D printers, the world of 2D printing is having some innovation with Zuta Lab Mobile Robot that travels across the surface of a piece of paper, dropping ink. So, if you are a mobile person who is always on the go, then this awesome pocket-sized printer would deliver the best news for you. According to its creator, the idea was to shrink the size of the printer box to provide users with a means of printing on the go, while retaining the ability to print on large pieces of paper, so that people don’t have to wait to get home or to the office to print.

The teardrop-shaped portable printer is small enough to fit in a bag (3.9 x 4.5 inches) and weighs 300 grams. The printer is being designed to roll itself over the paper and is battery powered via USB. The battery lasts for about an hour on one full charge while one inkjet cartridge will be good for more than 1,000 printed pages. The devise uses standard HP inkjet cartridges for refill and takes an average of 40 seconds to print an A4 page. The project was successfully founder on Kickstarter and the first shipment is due in January 2015.

What Sparks Our Fire: A printer that goes where you go and prints from your phone on any size page

Are you ready to give Zuta printer a try?

Typing To Go


When it comes to being mobile and productive, less is more. If you are a tablet or smartphone owner that prefers to use a physical keyboard when typing longer documents on mobile devices you might be interested in Flyshark, an ultra thin portable keyboard that fits your pocket. Flyshark is a successfully funded Kickstarter project created by Vbest Tech based in Chicago. The gadget uses bluetooth technology to connect with iOS and Android devices. When unfolded, it is a full-size standard QWERTY keyboard. Once charged, the device allows you to work for up to 20 days between charges. You can even have it engraved with your name, or design of your choice.


What Sparks Our Fire: A fashionable, ultra slim, and foldable keyboard that gives us the convenience of a laptop wherever we are.

Are you ready to carry your keyboard with you all the time in style?

Brew High Quality Coffee Without Electricity


 Making espresso at home is a must for any legitimate coffee aficionado. But most importantly being in control of the coffee quality is the ultimate goal of a coffee lover.

Introducing the ROK, a creative award winning espresso making, non electric, with a clever hand pump system that allows you the freedom to choose any coffee you want and control how much coffee oils are released through the pressure you apply.

The ROK is beautifully packaged in a large stylish reusable tin, perfect for transporting. The kit is built with stainless steel and includes everything you need from a reusable container, milk frother, scoop/tamper, and double spout. With its timeless design, the ROK comes with a 10 year warranty certificate.

What Sparks Our Fire: A earth-friendly way to brew espresso without the use of electricity and creating less waste.

Are you ready to make the best coffee of you’ve ever had with the ROK?