The Reverse Commute

equs-cargo-motorcycle-winner-of-the-red-dot-design-award-2014We all know the advantages of motorcycles over cars. There are easy to park, take up less space in the garage, require less gas, and tend to be much cheaper. One major downfall is the number of passengers or belongings a bike can carry each ride. Since we are in the age of high-tech design innovation, it is no surprise someone had the excellent idea of how to tackle one of the issues…

Meet EQUS, an electric cargo motorcycle created by three designers that allows you to bring along a variety of goods on your commute, while running errands or just out for a spin. The bike’s structure was built in reverse with a remote steering designed around a convenient cargo area between the rider’s seat and the front fork. The cargo section can carry objects of different shapes, volume and weight. And you know what’s even better? It’s environment-friendly.

The team wanted to develop a vehicle that would contribute to better mobility in large cities while allowing riders to bring everything of importance with them. Get all details about the unique EQUS design, colors available for purchase and different features here.

What Sparks Our Fire:
  A bike that maximizes convenience and functionality while reducing your carbon footprint.

What do you think of EQUS and if you could add an additional function, what would it be?

Ultimate Gadget For Designers And Artists

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 5.06.38 PM

We’ve witnessed a lot of innovation in the tech space over the past few years from mobile devices to computers. In most cases, the hype surrounds around Apple and Samsung. But, today, HP is gearing up with innovation from the future and, they call it HP Sprout.

The HP Sprout is an intriguing 23 inch Windows 8 desktop computer with a projector that scans physical items and turns them into digital in a few seconds and allows you to manipulate the images using your fingers on a touch-sensitive mat. Think of like placing an object on front of your computer and in just few seconds, you have the object in the screen ready to be used for design purpose. How cool? This exactely what the Sprout lets you do. Beyond that, there’s also a wireless keyboard and mouse for more traditional navigation if needed. Get to know the Sprout beyond words by watching this amazing video below.

Sprout debuted November 9th and can be ordered on the HP website.

What Sparks Our Fire: A device that has the power to change the way people create.

Are you excited about the possibilities Sprout holds for creators?

Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

z-large-13_3_5Apple Pay concept is great, but we still need to hold traditional wallet items: ID, driver’s license, credit card, social security number, and sometimes cash. Did you know that 43% of all identity thefts are obtained through a stolen wallet. There has been a need for innovation in the personal wallet industry for a long time. One way to keep your wallet safe is ensuring that no-one else can get access to its contents. That’s the idea behind iWallet, created by Steve Cabouli, a man who had his wallet stolen at a busy airport and decided to come up with a solution to help prevent our information from getting into the wrong hands.

The iWallet is a hard case wallet with a biometric reader system that allows you to open it only when it recognizes your fingerprint. It also incorporates an electronic Bluetooth connection that can be paired with a mobile phone to alert the user when the wallet is separated by more than a 10 feet away.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 5.49.13 PMThe iWallet is a high-end technology wallet that comes in three models. One made with 100% carbon fiber and two others made with 100% carbon fiber with Kevlar. You can purchase one straight from the company’s website.

What Sparks Our Fire: A high tech wallet that protects our most valuable information from the wrong hands.

Are you ready to take your leather wallet into the 21st century with the iWallet?

Taco Bell Has Been Cookin Something In The Oven For Nearly Two Years…


… and it’s not a new taco or burrito but an App for iOs and Androids that allows users to order and make payment via their smartphone. They’ve eliminated the need to get out of the car and make the line; they’ve mostly eliminated the need to speak to anyone. In a nutshell, this is how it works:

  1. Browse the menu
  2. Select an item, or customize your order ingredient-by-ingredient, or re-order a meal from the past
  3. Submit and pay through the app using debit, credit, or Taco Bell gift cards
  4. Go to your nearest Taco Bell and skip the line to get your order

As part of the new app launch, Taco Bell Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and even its website have all gone dark, with only one message available for users to see “The new way to Taco Bell isn’t on [insert social media name] it’s #onlyintheapp”


The idea was to play up the announcement and attract attention to the new release. In addition, they invite you to join the conversation with its Twitter hashtag #onlyintheapp.


“Today as food culture changes and generations grow up with smartphones, our customers seek restaurant experiences that fit their lifestyle,” said Taco Bell Presiden, Brian Niccol, in a statement. Taco Bell assures the process is safe and secure. Two startups: Cardfree and Tillster help handle the paymenst.

This year has proven to be the year of mobile payment and ordering in fast food and is undoubtedly going to be the norm at fast-food chains within the next years. Wendy’s in March introduced a payment-by-app nationally; Burger King this year also said it was expanding its mobile-payment offering and lately McDonald’s has announced its collaboration with Apple Pay.

Sadly, you still need to drag yourself off the couch to get your food since Taco Bell doesn’t deliver…yet.

What Sparks Our Fire: An innovative app that makes it easy and simple to order food even faster.

Are you ready to satisfy your Taco Bell craving in a new fashion way? Download the app here for iOS or here for Androids

The New Way To Shop At Home


If you live in Seattle, San Francisco or Southern California — where AmazonFresh services are available — then you might be interested in Amazon Dash, a device that is set to revolutionize the way you shop for groceries.

Dash is a small hi-tech wand that works with your AmazonFresh account to make shopping more convenient. It is like letting a remote control do your grocery shopping for you. The six-inch gadget features a microphone and a bar-code scanner so that you can say the item name or scan it into the device, and then view the list on your desktop or mobile to purchase and schedule delivery. Dash works with a simple setup and helps users choose from over 500,000 products from fresh grocery and local products to electronics. Get more info on the gadget including how to get hold of it here.


What Sparks Our Fire: A relatively small electronic device that makes another move in improving our shopping experience.

Would you give Amazon Dash a try?