Makeup Meet Your Match

make up genusEveryone is talking about wearable technology. In fact, Apple announced yesterday the release of its most anticipated product: the iWatch. But, in beauty land, L’Oreal is leading the conversation with augmented reality technology in its new app Makeup Genius, taking the way we look at beauty and cosmetic application to the next level.

The app took over 10 years to develop and uses an exclusive RT Track 64 facial-tracking-algorism to deliver the most precise facial recognition through a live mirror camera. It allows you to see what you really look like with certain shades of makeup on in real-time as you turn your face, change your facial expression and take various angles.

So, if you ever found yourself trapped in the makeup aisle at a drugstore for hours trying to figure out the perfect shade of lipstick, blush, eye shadow or eyeliner and end up covering every square inch of the back of your hand with different colors, you will love this app. Simply put, you can now test out the colors virtually and make your purchase without having to go to the store and make your hands look like a palette.

How it Works
1. Download the app (works on iPhone or iPad)
2. Take a selfie
3. Let the app scan your face
4. Apply virtual makeup (you can choose up to 300 color cosmetics plus it also works on all ethnicities and allows for 400 lighting situations)
5. Purchase your perfect match instantly

What Sparks Our Fire:  A free makeup app using the latest augmented reality technology to help save time in your search for the perfect makeup shade.

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Lighter Than Air


On October 22nd, Apple unveiled the newest iteration of the iPad, the iPad Air. This  offering has not generated the kind of buzz that the recent iPhone has, but the new Air is a large upgrade over the previous iPad 4. The new device is significantly thinner and lighter than the previous one, without compromising battery power or performance. In fact, the performance of the iPad has been significantly upgraded thanks to the new A7 processing chip and 64-bit architecture, making the iPad Air every bit as powerful as a desktop computer. The bezel dimensions have been reduced, making the Air as thin as the iPad Mini, accomplished via a smaller, more efficient battery. As well, Apple is quick to emphasize the durability and usability of the Air, maintaining that it is a product to be taken and used everywhere.


What Sparks Our Fire: Modern technology that improves upon itself exponentially every six months. Also, Marc wants one.

Will you buy a new iPad Air?